Contact Info
Phone: +91 9975800608
Dr. Aradhana Kumari
Founder & Secretary
Doctorate in Peace & Humanity from ITMUT, Brazil
MBA in Marketing & Sales, Pune university, Maharashtra, India
Aradhana is a visionary person She had a doctorate in Management from Rajasthan India also got an Honorary Doctorate in Peace & Humanity from ITMUT Brazil, Founder of SAICARE FOUNDATION and VAUTTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED and She is the kind of leader who believes in creating more leaders to help Sustainable Development throughout the nation. She has well-devised plans for the future to take her innovations to larger scales. Her hunger to serve more and more Rural Development, Child Education, and Women Empowerment has helped her to create a scalable model which can be implemented on Indian and Other Country bases. A person brimming with confidence, having a clear vision without an iota of confusion is bound to succeed in her endeavors. Dreams in her eyes and persistent effort on the ground have taken him so far and will take them further as well in the times to come. More detail: