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Phone: +237652145758
Epiejolle Lovert
Africa Director
Happy to collaborate with Epiejolle Lovert to join as a Saicare Africa director. He is a social worker, and working in west Africa with Jointasdev Cameroon. He helps people to come out of poverty, as he is working on various causes like Human Rights, Women Empowerment, Child Education, and Suitability Development. Together with the collaboration with Mr. Lovert, we are now working in the entire Africa Region, where our main goal is to educate the people and help them to stand their feet. Together with the collaboration with Mr. Lovert, We launched various short-term vocational online training courses in skill development like Waste Management & Basic Computer Management, etc... Our motto is to generate employment around the world through our small help. The only possibility is to reduce hunger and unemployment !!